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                                                                                                                          Mr. Jerome Taylor

                                                                                                           P.O. Box 765 - Matteson, Illinois 60443
                                                                                                                         P: 219-614-9585 


Hello Sponsors

 By way of introduction, my name is Jerome Taylor  President and CEO of Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc. A promotional manager and a longtime Matteson resident.  As such, I would like to inform you about my initiative plans with bringing a Magnificent project to my Hometown of Pembroke Township/Hopkins Park, IL. The fur South land area. This project will provide a wide variety of  Recreation, Entertainment, and venues for the young and old, and built with the expectations of creating a foundation for the artistic growth of the entire Kankakee County area. The Starlight project plans are to create careers and entrepreneurs, not just a job for our youth. We know that everyone is not cut out to become an entrepreneur but providing a career or a trade is a must-have, You are the only one that can take your chance of having a career or trade away from you.

I'm sure the Pembroke/Hopkins Park area presents the best opportunity for this great project to become a success. It is my vision that this Mega Sports/ Entertainment Multi-Use Complex would be great for the South suburbs by bringing in more revenue, and also the positive effects it will have on the community.


From creating entrepreneurs, and careers, not just a job, In providing an escape for our young, to facilitating a place for Recreation Entertainment for all, this outlet would be an excellent step in making the South land area a Cultural Center that I envision it becoming. All donations is welcome.


This movement toward bringing this Magnificent project provides an opportunity to be inclusive, benefiting not only for the South land area but the entire South land and surrounding areas as well. It is my intention to develop this into a prosperous one. When you hear about Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc. We want you to immediately picture a  fun, peaceful, and productive organization where everyone would be welcome.

I'm asking for your support with making donations or becoming a sponsor in making this project vision a reality by supporting our events by coming out and enjoying yourself in a safe environment. Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc.

Starlight Entertainment will be starting a Scholarship for Music, Performing Arts, DJ's and Sports. Please stay tuned to hear more about our Scholarship program

Thank you,
Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding this project at (219)614-9585  You may also contact me through email: or



Jerome Taylor/ President/CEO

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