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Jerome Taylor

My name is Jerome Taylor. I am the President/CEO of Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc. and the founder/ President of an organization called Kelly’s Serenity House, Inc., an organization for battered women and their children of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 40 years of my life. I love all my accomplishments. However, music was always my first love. It began with my second oldest brother Larry Taylor showing me the instrumental part of music by teaching me how to play the bass guitar, and my older brother Charles Taylor showing me the musical side by listing to and playing all types of music LP records. This is how music became my first love while growing up in a house of music, listening to and hearing music all the time. 


Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc. Incorporated an Illinois-based business on April 27th, 2012, in Matteson, IL.


The Starlight mission is to operate a quality and successful business dedicated to producing, presenting, and promoting excellent Sports, Entertainment, and must more for Chicago and the Chicago Southland area, where Sports, Performing Arts, and Music share center stage with education with some of the world’s greatest local Sports athlete’s and world’s greatest local Musicians and local artists as well. Starlight is also a management/ Booking agency company.


Starlight has a great professional team that I work with.

I started Starlight Entertainment & Productions, Inc. to help our youth to become entrepreneurs and show them there’s more in this world than violence in the area where they may live. With education and starting your career, you can see the world. We at Starlight will help teach our youth how to become an entrepreneur and have a Career in the business world of Sports, Entertainment, Films, and much more; not just a Job but a career.          

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